SOME LIKE IT HOT!  If you would like to spice up your meal, just let your server know how hot you would like it.  We can accommodate your wishes for extra "heat" ranging from "That's not so bad!" to "My God, what have I done!".  You've been warned!
MENU Options

SOY PAPER - If you prefer, we can substitute Soy wraps in place of Nori (Dried Seaweed) on your Sushi Rolls.

PEANUTS - Some Entrees may be prepared or served with peanut sauce.  Please advise your server if this is an issue.
SUBSTITUTIONS of ingredients on items from the kitchen is limited.  But SUSHI is another matter.  Our Sushi Chefs, if able, are more than happy to accommodate special requests.  For example, if you'd prefer avocado instead of cucumber on your Sushi Roll, just ask.  Or perhaps you'd like a Spicy Squid Salad, but not so problem.
CARRYOUT - All of our menu items (except alcohol) are available for Carryout.  We strive to have Carryout orders ready for pickup within 15 minutes of your call.  Please be aware that we now operate 2 Ichiban restaurants in Bowling Green (both offer the same menu, same hours, and same low prices).  They both accept orders for Carryout over the phone, but they operate independently.  To avoid unnecessary delays, PLEASE take notice of which Ichiban location you place your order with, as they will be the ones to prepare your order.  If you phone in your order to the Cave Mill Ichiban, that is where you will need to go to pick it up. 

MSG?  Haven't used it!  Don't use it!  Won't use it!  Enjoy your meal!

*Some entree's may be prepared or served with peanut sauce.  Please tell your server if this is an issue or concern.



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